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Trailer Watch – Finding Dory

After 12 years of waiting for a sequel for one of Pixar’s most beloved films, we finally have a teaser trailer for Finding Dory. However, despite the wait, it seems as though nothing has changed story-wise and we continue right where we left off. The animation looks very similar to what it did in the previous film which also helps with the continuity.  

One aspect of the trailer which really is a nice touch to the trailer is the use of the song Beyond the Sea by Robbie Williams as it was the song used during the ending credits of Finding Nemo which really gives the impression that this sequel will be set very soon after the first film.

The trailer only shows a couple of scenes but they are filled with humour, delight and lots of forgetfulness courtesy of Dory, from it we learn the overall plot; that it will focus on Dory’s journey to find her parents.

Let’s hope we’ll be finding you at the cinema when Finding Dory opens on June 2016.

Luke Norman

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