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Trailer Watch – London Has Fallen

What do you expect from a generic action movie trailer? Lots of gunshots, explosions, too much plot revealed, a plot that involves some kind of world-domination or global issue, a global issue that involves the President of the United States, lots of Inception-esque ‘bwaaa’ sounds, people talking with the weight of the world on their shoulders, and probably more explosions. You’ll never guess what, the trailer for London Has Fallen predictably ticks every single box.

As the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, there was never the preconception that the film was going to be a masterpiece but, from the trailer, one gets the impression that the filmmakers weren’t even trying. It stars Morgan Freeman, Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart and Angela Bassett in the lead roles of world leaders, intelligence agency employees and generic, gritty, serious action heroes.

Towards the end of the trailer there is possibly one of the worst CGI shots I’ve seen from a big budget action movie in a long time. Half of the trailer is just explosions; in just the two minute twenty-eight second running time of the trailer, there is a total of nineteen explosions. Admittedly, this isn’t quite up to the standard of Michael Bay, but if there are this many explosions in a two and half minute trailer, the real question is how many will the movie contain? On top of this, all the lines are cheesy – but not in a fun Arnold Schwarzenegger way, but unfortunately in a this-is-completely-serious way. For a fun action movie, the trailer takes itself way to seriously to even hint at the notion of fun. If this film were a satire or parody of the action genre itself, this trailer would still work…However, with both Olympus and London having fallen, the real mystery after the trailer is: where will fall next?

Catch London Has Fallen when it hits cinemas March 4th 2016

Dan Lyons

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