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Trailer Watch – The Other Side of the Door


Knock Knock. Who’s there? Generic horror movie. Generic horror movie who? The Other Side of the Door.

From the initial trailer, it is clear the plot will follow a woman (Sarah Wayne Callies) whose son dies in a terrible accident but, after visiting an ancient temple, she gets to talk to him one last time. However, this final goodbye can only take place behind a door- which she is told not to open! Being a horror film, the door is, of course, opened and releases hell upon the family.

The writers of TOSOTD appear to have read the “How to Write a Horror Movie Script for Dummies” guide very recently, with an incredibly high horror cliché count. Examples include the famous “don’t do the thing… I’m going to do the thing” piece and the angry poltergeist in a house trope. Perhaps the only distinguishing feature of this horror film seen in this initial trailer seems to be its initial Indian setting, supposed to represent an ancient cultural site. This being said, even that seems put in just to make the film slightly different.

The Other Side of the Door opens in cinemas on 11th March 2016, which side of the cinema door will you be on?

Luke Norman

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