5 Types of Readers

  1. The “I like to read the book reviews” kind of readers

This type of reader will wait for a really good book review before they then purchase the book and begin reading. Not a bad way at all to approach it; a happily recommended approach. Yet, be daring once in a while, who knows, it might be you writing the next review!

  1. The “If it doesn’t grab my attention from the first page I put it down” kind of readers

This type of reader will never get past the first page of the book if something isn’t there to excite them. What they are exactly looking for is a mystery, yet if it isn’t screaming TURN THE PAGE, they simply won’t. I tend to try to avoid being like this – the first page of Harry Potter never grabbed me, but I would argue they are one of the best series I’ve read, cliché or not.

  1. The “I take a leaf out of someone else’s book” kind of readers

This type of reader literally takes books off others people’s shelves. They find a joy in being recommended a book recently read by a friend, or even walking into a friend’s room/office/home library and finding a book themselves. Swapping and trading books is always good fun.

  1. The “I read the ending first” kind of readers

WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?! AND WHY?! The readers who read the ending page as their first page so they know the outcome before they know the actual events. An unusual approach, especially if it ends on an outstanding line… or even a cliff hanger. However, it is like reading the story backwards, a sure way of ruining the reading experience.

  1. The “I have a set theme in mind” kind of readers

This type of reader is looking for a specific book, usually based on genre. Love murder mysteries? Then these guys are not after a romance. They know what they’re after, so don’t get in their way! However, being open to the odd one or two suggestions can never be too disastrous. Especially when a friend knows your reading ‘style’.

Do you fit into any of these categories? Let us know!

Jessica Rushton

Image Credit: Simon Cocks ‘Reading a book at the beach’ via Flikr

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