Hidden Treasures of Asos Marketplace

Impact Style went deep into the online shopping world to discover the best hidden treasures from all of our favourite websites. This week we explored. This week, we’ve trailed the Asos Marketplace for you; so sit back and take your pick amongst these hidden treasures.


SHALEX Phonecase

Item: Handmade Real Pressed Flowers Phone Case

Price: £15.00

Your outfit is no longer complete without an eye-stopping phone case to match. These ingenious Handmade Real Pressed Flowers Phones Cases could just be your cutest purchase yet. At £15 there’s no prettier way to protect your technical treasures.

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2. Zoeca Jewellery

Zoeca bracelet

Item: Sunrays Bracelet

Price: £16

For dainty bangles and mystical stones to add interest to your outfit, take a look at Zoeca jewellery. Being gold plated, whether you opt for the rings, necklaces or bracelets, they’ll be sure not to leave your skin tarnished with a mouldy green stain!

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3. Handpicked

Handpicked Backpack

Item: Becky backpack/ shoulder bag

Price: £65

Checkout Handpicked to carry your books to uni in style. They’re minimalist shades make this accessory sure to tone with any outfit. With backpacks ranging from £35 – £65 they might not be the biggest bargain in your wardrobe but these versatile leather goodies come with detachable straps; so think of it as two bags for the price of one when you confirm that order!

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4. Naomishu

Naomishu Boots

Item: JULES Chunky Low Heel Biker Style Chelsea Ankle Boots

Price: £22.95

Fend the winter weather off and step into these chunky, biker-style, chelsea boots to instantly upgrade your outfit. Ranging around the £20 mark you definitely get a lot of shoe for little money with these boots!

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Thea Palm 

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