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Trailer Watch – Zootopia (Sloths)

Sloths and animation finally come together for this hilarious new trailer for Walt Disney Animation’s 2016 Zootopia.

Like the first trailer, we are introduced to a world entirely made up of everyone’s favourite zoo animals. The focus seems to be on the most unlikely of police officers, an adorable bunny rabbit who is in alliance with a very sneaky looking fox – who would have thought it?!.

In this trailer we are treated to a genius piece of Disney humour. Walt Disney Animation Studios uses witty irony where the infamous ‘Flash’, who is supposedly the fastest at finding number plates, is in fact the most adorable and loveable slow-poke on earth: the sloth. This sets this movie out to be witty, clever and definitely one that all of the family can enjoy.

I cannot help being reminded of the humour of Finding Nemo when I watch this trailer. Take a pinch of silliness, add a dash of pure stupidity and finish up with loveable and cleverly portrayed characters, and you have all the makings for an awesome looking Disney film.

Zootopia hits U.K screens on March 25th 2016, where I hope the sloths make a return!

Larissa Rowan

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