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2016: Hot Or Not – Finding Dory

I’ve no doubt that, after an arduous 13 year wait, the initial cinema weekend opening of Pixar’s Finding Dory will be filled with late teens and 20-something year olds, all ready to dive back into their childhoods. Finding Dory will almost certainly be THE animated smash of 2016. The only issue with Pixar releasing such giants like Nemo and The Incredibles, is that the audience are thirsty for more – and a terrible PlayStation game sequel doesn’t cut it… I’m looking at you Rise of the Underminer.

Let’s be serious: You’re lying to yourself if you don’t want to see how Nemo has grown up and if (and how) the ‘Tank Gang’ ever did get out of those plastic bags. Finding Nemo has developed a cult following and this sequel is perfect to recruit plenty of new members to the fishy group. This time we will be on an adventure to find Dory’s family and explore a little bit more of the Pixar ocean. Only basic plot has been outlined at this point but the excitement is growing with every drop of information leaked to us. June will see a long overdue return to the coral reef with Dory now taking the limelight.

Finding Dory will see most of the original cast returning, including the ‘Tank Gang’, as well as newcomer Idris Elba in an unknown role, for more underwater adventures. I guarantee there will be a whole host of new creatures and quotes to entertain a completely new generation, as well as the post-grads sat at the back.

2015 was a year of original animated flicks, in the form of Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur, so I think we have earnt some sequel fun.

George Driscoll

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Image from Pixar’s ‘Finding Dory’.

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