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2016: Hot Or Not – Midnight Special

Let’s wave goodbye to 2015! Good times, bad times we’ve had them all – but you know what they say, as one door closes, another one opens. Over the coming month we’ll be bringing you a snapshot of everything 2016 has to offer – the good, the bad and the ugly. Hold on to your hats folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Following on from his previous, universally loved, films – 2011’s Take Shelter and 2012’s Mud – Jeff Nichols returns to direct Midnight Special. This sees a father (Michael Shannon) try to shield his supernaturally-gifted son from both religious extremists and government-sent officials, led by Adam Driver. With this high-stake cat-and-mouse premise and a strong cast, which includes Kirsten Dunst and Joel Edgerton, it will be interesting to see if this film lives up to expectation.

In particular, I am excited to see Shannon and Driver on their respective sides of this fight. The former has consistently proven his acting talents, no matter how big or small the role – his Academy Award-nominated contribution to Revolutionary Road was arguably one of the best aspects of the film. Maybe it’s his uncanny ability of fixing other characters with a stare that is both fear inducing and awe inspiring, or perhaps it’s his way of conveying hidden vulnerability so well; whatever the reason, there is no doubt he will once again be a major asset to this movie.

Also, Driver’s work in a certain well-known space opera may have already proven that he’s good at expressing his emotions (no one give him a light saber when he’s angry), however this time he seems to be going for a more cold, detached approach, which should add an unnerving tone to his character.

Midnight Special’s March US release date implies that an awards run is unlikely. But at least from the trailer, it certainly seems to be full of foreboding and danger – this, combined with what is ultimately a tale of a father protecting his son, should hopefully prove to make this film one of Nichols’ best.

Midnight Special comes to UK cinemas April 15th

Sarah Quraishi

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Image from ‘Midnight Special’,  Warner Bros Studios

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