Album Review: Hinds – Leave Me Alone

The highly anticipated debut LP from Madrid garage-rock group Hinds, released on 8th January, has arrived to continue into 2016 the incredible momentum that the band realised last year.

Since having to change their name at the end of 2014 for legal reasons, the Spanish four-piece have certainly maintained the reputation that saw them gain support slots for The Vaccines, The Libertines and The Black Lips towards the end of that year.

“Leave Me Alone undoubtedly realises the anticipation surrounding Hinds’ debut LP”

Throughout 2015, Hinds attracted further positive coverage from the likes of Pitchfork and DIY Mag, launched their first world tour and became the first ever all-Spanish band to play one of the main stages at Glastonbury – quite a catalogue of achievements before the release of their first album.

With such expectations, Leave Me Alone undoubtedly realises the anticipation surrounding Hinds’ debut LP. Rife with infectious melodies, injected here and there with pummelling pace, and complete with group vocals that chorus together happily to invite a sing-a-long, the simplistic musical structures of the band’s songs do not undermine, but in fact heighten the record’s overall charisma and charm.

Indeed, the lo-fi aesthetic of Hinds’ first full-length effort is characteristic of the current wave of successful Spanish garage-rock acts, a scene that has come to establish itself on the international market throughout 2015. Undoubtedly, Hinds are fronting this.

Included on Leave Me Alone is the celebrated 2015 single ‘Chili Town’, a track grounded in revelry and excitement that reveals, towards the end of the track, a heartfelt vulnerability – “I am flirting with this guy, just to pretend I’m fine.” In fact, this is representative of an entire album of songs whose initial, peppy impressions playfully obscure earnest love and break-up themes.

“Rife with infectious melodies, injected here and there with pummelling pace, and complete with group vocals that chorus together happily to invite a sing-a-long…”

‘Fat Calmed Kiddos’ introduces us with grooving, laid back tones that are kicked awake with an upbeat chorus line – a structure that can be heard on the rolling motions of ‘Castigadas En El Granero’ at the middle of the record as well. Gladly, favourite 2014 single ‘Bamboo’ makes an appearance in order to demand – with waves of vocals lapping over one another – “I want you to call me by name when I am lying on your bed!”

After putting in one of the best performances at Nottingham’s Dot To Dot Festival in mid-2015, Hinds will return in February to Rescue Rooms; the perfect opportunity to witness their latest crop of Spanish garage tunes where they best belong – in the live arena. Leave Me Alone is all we wanted from Hinds on their debut effort and more – despite their titular request for some solitude, it’s unlikely Hinds will escape the limelight as they surely continue to flourish throughout 2016.

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