Impact Exposure: Liam Inscoe – Jones

Welcome to Impact Exposure- a weekly showcase of the work of UoN photographers.

These images are the work of Liam Inscoe-Jones.

“These are a selection of photographs taken over the last two years in Berlin, Aberystwyth, Prague, Cardiff, Budapest, Nottingham and Vienna. I have no real inclination towards photography (these were all taken on an iPhone) but I do want to be a director, and so frame composition is of great interest to me. With exceptions, in recent years film has moved further and further away from intimate cinematography and has embraced the pre-eminence of widescreen television, phone displays etc. (Tarantino released his most recent movie in an aspect ratio of 2.76:1) and I think my inclination towards displaying the focal point of these photographs as a smaller part of a wider landscape somewhat reflects this development.”

If you would like to submit your own work, or help to source images for the magazine, please email images@impactnottingham.com.

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