Killer New Cocktail Menu @ Rub Smokehouse Bar

Down at Rub they like to switch thing up, and when they do, Impact Food are always there to test and taste their crazy concoctions. With this magnificent new menu, we tried a selection of their newest drinks and bring you some of their best and most bonkers cocktails yet! 


# Lady Liberty

Priced at £8

Served in a familiar head to the ever popular Bubblegum Hemmingway, Lady Liberty is a mighty mix of ‘Buffalo Trace Bourbon’, along with ‘Sauvignon Blanc’, Apricot & Chestnut Syrup with a fruity Pineapple juice mixer. The bourbon mixes with the smooth syrups and pineapple to give a smooth yet strong flavour, perfect for bourbon lovers.


# American Voodoo

Priced at £8.25

Continuing with the continental theme, this zingy take on a Zombie cocktail is served in a traditional shrunken head mug. It has all the Caribbean kick you need with ‘House Voodoo Rum Grog’, ‘Bitter Truth Creole Bitters’ and splashes of ‘Spiced Pumpkin & Chestnut Syrups’, Lemon and Pineapple juice and an added extra of American Beer. The beer and rum flavors interact nicely on the tongue and with the zesty fruit too, its a must try visual and taste sensation.


# Woo Woo (That’s the Sound of da Police)

Priced at £7.35

This one goes down a treat for all those prosecco lovers out there. Peach & Maple Syrup entwine with ‘Skyy Vodka’, Cranberry Juice and Prosecco to make this quite a classy number, however the Sheriff badge and Crime Scene tape it is served with remind you’re living on the wild side with this one.


# Jack & Rose 

Priced at £7.25

A creative and colourful cranberry cocktail, this is quite the dramatic scene, served in a metallic martini glass, with floating ice tribute to The Titanic, bringing a touch of art to a punchy mix. With ‘Jack Daniels’, Spiced Apple & Rose Syrup, along with waves of lemon and pineapple juice, this warm and spicy tasting tipple will melt the icebergs in your mouth.

jack n rose

# Debbie Downs Dallas

Priced at £7.50

Definitely one for the cheeky ones amongst you. With ‘Tito’s Vodka’, ‘Passionfruit Pornstar Syrup’, Prosecco, Lemon and Orange juice, this naughty number will have you coming back for more due to its easy-drink fruity flavours and strong hit of booze.

# Duff & Donuts Sharer

Priced at £25

(serves 3-4 people)

This barrel of laughs has something for everyone! This is the perfect group drink with the strong beer flavours appealing to even the mead haters out there, because of the smooth and sweet tastes. Plus, it’s served with dinky donuts – we class that as pudding and a drink all in one. Containing various ingredients sch as ‘Monkey Shoulder’ and ‘Rub Beer & Cream Soda’, this is a must-try fun and taste spectacular.


Lydia Eccleston & Isabel Jury

Images: Lydia Eccleston

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