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Every season the bible, Vogue, presents us with the editor approved, and hence finite, list of trends and where to shop the season. We have taken those trends and found you student budget friendly alternatives from the high street exclusively. Happy shopping!

  1. Soft Rock
    Although the rock’n’roll bride is always verging onto cliché , this year’s romantic leather enthusiast has something so 90s, so deeply beautiful about her, that makes the marriage of soft lace and strong leather a must wear. Vogue’s recommendations feature a Sandor leather jacket and Erdem lace skirt, view the cheaper alternatives below.
    [row][column size=’1/3′]River Island - Black leather-look whipstitch biker jacket 60River Island – Black leather-look whipstitch biker jacket, £60[/column][column size=’1/3′]zara - LAYERED LACE MIDI SKIRT 49.99ZARA – Layered lace midi skirt, £49.99[/column][column size=’1/3′]Zara - EMBROIDERED DRESS 59.99ZARA – Embroidered dress, £59.99[/column][/row]
  2. Nerd Mentality
    Let your geek out this summer. SS16’s geek is tamer, than in previous years, less art geek, more history geek. Vogue matches Miu Miu poloshirts and a pleated cotton skirt by Margaret Howell. We recommend this cute Monki dress and chunki Weekend cardigan to get ready for the Hallward runway.
    [row][column size=’1/3′]Monki - Novada Dress 25Monki – Novana Dress, £25[/column][column size=’1/3′]urban outfitters - Soho Tortoiseshell Clear Lens Readers 18UrbanOutfitters – Soho Tortoiseshell Clear Lens Readers, £18[/column][column size=’1/3′]Weekday - Scott knit cardigan 55Weekday, Scott Knit Cardigan, £55[/column][/row]
  3. Ripple Effect
    This year’s most fun trend: Ruffles, pleats, dramatic bows and capes! Although maybe not lecture tested and approved, this trend is proven to be fun to wear by adding volume and drama to every move. Combine with simple straight cut trousers for maximum effect. We swapped the stunning turquoise Mary Katrantzou dress and the wrap around cotton sateen top from Johanna Ortiz for these gems from H&M and New Look. Maximum drama for minimum price tag.
    [row][column size=’1/3′]HM - frilled blouse 12.99H&M – frilled blouse, £12.99[/column][column size=’1/3′]New Look - Blue Vanilla Black Frill Pussybow Shirt Dress 25New Look – New Look – Blue Vanilla Black Frill Pussybow Shirt Dress, £25[/column][column size=’1/3′]HM - tiered dress 34.99H&M – Tiered Dress, £49.99[/column][/row]
  4. Learn Your Lines
    Lines can be slimming and stretching, they can add structure to an outfit and give instant effortless elegance. In short: Stripes are our life long friend. So stock up on the lined pieces this season whilst they are about in masses. Vogue opted for trousers by Theory, a red and blue wool coat by Dior and Jonathan Saunders’ silk dress. Our selection features a timeless striped shirt in box shape and comfortable jogging trousers with a sleek stripe on the side. 
    [row][column size=’1/3′]Monki - Paddy Shirt 20Monki – Paddy Shirt, £20[/column][column size=’1/3′]Topshop - TALL Side Stripe Joggers 28Topshop – TALL Side stripe joggers, £28[/column][column size=’1/3′]Zara - A-LINE STRIPED DRESS 29.99ZARA – a-line striped dress, £29.99[/column][/row]
  5. Rainbow Nation
    As summer is approaching, the grey slowly fades away; the sky is getting bluer, the trees greener and our wardrobes more colourful than ever – at least if Vogue has any say in it. Diane von Furstenberg’s multicoloured jumpsuit is hardly noticeable amongst the sea of colour that pop of the page. Anya Hindmarch’s leather tote and Chanel’s muslin dress feature an impressive 10 different colours together. The gem in our selection is definitely the Moyna bag that looks suspiciously similar to last year’s Valentino It-bag.
    [row][column size=’1/3′]Topshop - Rainbow Chiffon Maxi Beach by Jaded London 34Topshop – Rainbow Chiffon Maxi Beach, £34[/column][column size=’1/3′]Traffic People - Sass and Sunshine - Twirl Dress 28Traffic People – Sass and Sunshine Twirl Dress, £28[/column][column size=’1/3′]asos - Moyna Clutch Bag in Rainbow Chevron Print 28Asos – Moyna Clutch Bag, £28[/column][/row]
  6. Pioneer Spirit
    Despite all expectations, a little bit of hippie has stuck around for another season. Although less flower power and more herb farm, last season’s flowy floral dresses are still appropriate. Mix them up with some Wild West themed accessories and you’re sorted. 
    [row][column size=’1/3′]Mango - feather leather sandals 59.99Mango – feather leather sandals, £59.99[/column][column size=’1/3′]Zara - LONG DRESS WITH FLORAL PRINT 39.99ZARA – Long Dress with floral print, £39.99[/column][column size=’1/3′]Mango - Laser-cut design bag 39.99Mango – Laser-cut design bag, £39.99[/column][/row]
  7. Modern Alchemy
    It is almost a treat to be able to wear metallics outside of those two weeks of Christmas madness. Always a statement, always easy to combine, metallics truly have the power to turn heads, even if it is just to adjust for the reflection. The added fun this season comes from the shapes that are less forgiving and more brutal than we are used to. For high end inspiration look at Loewe’s silver trousers or Alexander McQueen’s embellished tulle tunic with gold fringe.
    [row][column size=’1/3′]Monki - Lara Culotte 40Monki – Lara Culotte, £40[/column][column size=’1/3′]Zara - PLEATED DRESS 29.99ZARA – Pleated Dress, £29.99[/column][column size=’1/3′]Traffic People - Boogie Woogie - Camisole 59Traffic People – Boogie Woogie Camisole, £59[/column][/row]


Raphaela Ring

Featured Image: Joseph Brent via flickr; Embedded Images: Asos, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, ZARA, H&M, Traffic People, New Look, River Island, Monki, Mango

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