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Trailer Watch – Daredevil Season 2

Since Marvel launched the first season of Daredevil, we knew this would not be the last we would see of the blind superhero. Whilst Matt Murdoch will eventually team up with the main characters of three other Netflix TV shows (Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist) in The Defenders, the popularity of Daredevil quickly led to plans for a second season. Now we have Matt in his iconic red suit, plus Foggy, Karen and Claire, in action against a new villain – The Punisher.

Season One focussed on Matt exploring his complex relationship with violence. Whilst he has a strong moral sense, disliking killing, he often brutally harms opponents and tortures them for information. But The Punisher takes the role of a vigilante to a new level. This trailer shows Matt’s adversary believes death is the only suitable punishment, seeing Daredevil as weak and cowardly. There is also the ominous suggestion that the responsibility for his ‘creation’ lies with Murdoch and Co. It appears that, like Fisk last series, Daredevil and his villain are two sides of the same coin – though using different approaches, once again Matt has an enemy with ultimately the same aim as himself. Indeed, as The Punisher says, “You’re one bad day away from being me”.

With a gradual build-up of tension, using dark shots, creepy childish rhymes, and musical crescendo, this trailer provides an insight into the potentially explosive second season. Daredevil again is balancing his lawyer roots and his vigilante alter-ego, trying to define right and wrong in a city of grey areas, where crime has become punishment, and the lines are beginning to blur.

The trailer ends on a major tease – the introduction of Electra, with the promise of another trailer, presumably featuring her, to be released towards the end of February. Part 2 coming soon!

Isobel Sheene

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Images from ‘Marvel’s Daredevil’, Netflix

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