Impact On The Trail: Day 6

It was a quiet day for campaigning on campus this Wednesday, with just two days until the closing date for votes in the 2016 SU Elections.

Laura for Sport had a sole brave representative urging votes outside Hallward Library at the start of the day, and Hartman for Community had two representatives pushing for votes with iPads in the crossroads of Portland.

“Online, and in social media, things are as active as ever”

However, this doesn’t mean campaigning has stepped down. Online, and on social media, things are as active as ever. Last night at 7pm Will Rider for Sport launched his campaign video, depicting Will racing through Lenton joined along the way by compatriots from across the UoN Sports community.

Also in Sports, at an as of yet unannounced time, Yolanda King promises to be on campus with her 2012 Olympic Torch, for which she was a bearer in the lead up to the 2012 Olympics. In Activities, Becky Player launched her campaign video at 8pm last night, highlighting her manifesto points.

“Yolanda King promises to be on campus with her 2012 Olympic Torch”

In Community, Dina launched her #BrighterCommunity video on Facebook at 6pm last night. In Welfare, Katie Leach also uploaded her campaign video, featuring friends and supporters explaining why she has their vote.

Radhika Chand meanwhile took her campaign to the Royal Derby Hospital to speak about inclusivity being the key to progression, joined by Beth Massey from Education.

Liam Inscoe-Jones

Image: Liam Inscoe-Jones

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