Inspirations of the Week: Instagram Edition

Five things that inspired us this week and determined the way we dressed. This week we look at 5 inspirational Instagram accounts to hit follow on asap:

  1. @taticompton

    Tati Compton is  a (still) London based tattoo artist who has specialised in hand poked tattoos featuring a range of themes and symbols from the spiritual to the sexual. Her designs, albeit often fairly small, are as fragile as they are powerful in their meaning and are the proof that small tattoos don’t have to mean less creativity or artistic skill and craftsmenship.

  2. @hildieplumpepper

    In my humble opinion, this is one of the fun-est illustration accounts on Instagram. Featuring Hildie Plumpepper, a lady of advanced age who knows how to look good in anything from Björk’s swan dress to a 1974 bright green Gucci suit. The best bit: All outfits featured are actual existing clothes and accessories, skill fully put to paper by illustrator Jill Anthony. Be prepared to get serious outfit envy and a lesson in advanced style without boundaries.

  3. @unskilledworker

    Another one of Instagram’s rising stars, Unskilled Worker’s style is probably one of the most recognisable of fashion illustrators at the moment. Although fashion illustrations are not the only focus, it is one that is readily embraced by the social media community. Every image is hand painted and designed to look good on the I-phone camera, hence truly taking full advantage of modern technology. For mysterious and eerie looking profiles and runway looks, make sure to follow the very skilled Unskilled Worker.

  4. @deliciouslystella

    Forget Deliciously Ella: her unhealthy and life loving counterpart deliciously Stella is where the fun is at. From insightful tips on how to get your five-a-days (fruit pastilles) to skin regime additions like the donut and frosting face mask above, Stella is ready to dish out her, not all too serious, wisdom. If you are in desperate need for a *fun* account to follow, one that will actually brighten your mood and make you feel better, this is the one.

  5. @themarcjacobs

    Albeit still dubbed as a newbie to Instagram, designer Marc Jacobs’ account is one of the most entertainable of all the designer’s and model’s accounts. Filled with a variation of private snapshots, reposts from his famous and beautiful friends – Kate Moss is just one of many of the reappearing faces – and a healthy dose of promotion and inspiring outfits from his various lines, Jacobs’ account is one to get lost in.

Raphaela Ring

Image Credits: taticompton via Instagram, hildieplumpepper via Instagram, themarcjacobs via Instagram, unskilledworker via Instagram, deliciouslystella via Instgram, Instagram

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  • Jill Anthony
    30 April 2016 at 02:43
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    I want to thank Impact for including me and my dear Ms. Hildie Plumpepper in your Instagram Inspirations! What a thrill to find this and what an honor! I adore the write up and it is beyond flattering. I am delighted! As Hildie would say, “Darling, you’re a doll!”

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