Interview: Daniel Eagle

Southampton based singer-songwriter Daniel Eagle is about to embark on his biggest tour yet, stopping off in every nook and cranny across the country – spending over a month on the road. Playing a mixture of originals about one night stands with cannibals and his little brother, alongside covers of Nizlopi and Mr. Willy Wonka himself, these shows stand to be a night of laughter and fun. Daniel Eagle is playing a free show in Beeston during exam season, so IMPACT Music sat down with him to find out what was going on.

You’re playing in Nottingham, at the Boat & Horses in Beeston on 19th May, what can we expect from the show?
You can expect energetic humour as my recent songs have all been written about everyday life and troubles I face as a man in my twenties.

How would you describe yourself to someone that isn’t aware of your music?
I’ve always been someone who will write a song about anything, from world politics to my breakfast so you’ll hear songs that say it how it is haha.

Your EP ‘The Fire Inside’ is out now, how has the reaction been to that?
Overwhelming, releasing my first EP was incredible. I played a sold out launch show in Southampton and had a great amount of support from friends, family and fans – couldn’t ask for much more to be honest!

You’re based near Southampton which seems to have quite a strong music scene at the moment, why do you think that is?
Southampton just has it all: big venues, small venues, coffee shop venues, festivals, radio and so much more. Plus everyone is really starting to support the scene a lot more which is great.

This tour is a month long, covering the whole of the country, how do you feel heading into it?
Yeah, I did a two week tour in October 2015 with support from my good pal Skin For A Canvas, but with this tour being longer than a month I’m a mixture of excited and scared due to all the work that’s gone in to it, hopefully it all pays off.

Have you ever played Nottingham before?
I have not, so I am very excited to play in a new city, you never know what to expect so I’m hoping it will be a great show.

“I’ve always been someone who will write a song about anything, from world politics to my breakfast”

What’s the greatest challenge you face with music at the moment?
Hard to say, I’m currently 75% through writing my first full blown album so I’ve had days of tearing my hair out over that, but also this tour is a big step for me and a challenge I have set myself.

You mentioned the album there, what’s the next step for Daniel Eagle after this tour then?
To put it bluntly: recording the album! Then I have some festival appearances that are yet to be announced. I’m tempted to try playing a small tour of house shows after the album is done.

You’re quite well known for the comedy in your songs, do you think comedy is an important part of music?
It’s definitely a big part of my music, if I haven’t made you smile then either I’m not doing something right or you have a bad sense of humour haha. In all seriousness I like making people laugh especially with all that surrounds us at this time in our lives with Facebook, politics, Twitter arguments – there’s so much to name…

So, why should people come to the gig at the Boat & Horses on May 19th?
It’s a free night out. Plus if you come down to this show you’ll have a great night of singing songs to make you smile plus some soulful covers to calm you down as well, but I also love to have a chat and meet new people too so come say hi.

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