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Anybody who has taken a westbound train out of Nottingham has more than likely spotted Nottingham Castle, looming above the city with its impressive 17th century architecture. Yet many of us studying here at the University of Nottingham – itself only a couple of miles away from the Castle – have never visited it, or even know what it contains. Deciding to put this right, and becoming Nottingham tourists for the day, two of us set off on foot from Lenton (the Castle is only a 20 minute walk from Park Road).

Upon arriving, the first thing we did was walk around the perimeter of the Castle, which offers fantastic views of the city and beyond. Admittedly, Nottingham may not be the prettiest city, but the helpfully placed display boards help visitors to spot particular landmarks, including our very own University Park. With the early spring Sun shining down, even the grey concrete monolithic structures that make up much of the view had a certain appeal.

“From the 1831 Nottingham riot to modern art, there seemed to be something for everybody”

When we eventually entered the museum, we were impressed by the variety of exhibitions and displays. From the 1831 Nottingham riot to modern art, there seemed to be something for everybody. The collections are perhaps a little too eclectic – the museum could benefit from a slightly more noticeable sense of consistency. Nonetheless, the exhibitions are all interesting and well presented. For art lovers, there is the particularly impressive Long Gallery, which houses a collection of fine art pieces. There are also various temporary exhibitions housing modern art and sculptures.

If you have the time (which we sadly didn’t), there are also tours on offer of the labyrinth of caves that lie underneath the Castle. Priced at £5 per person, the tours give you the chance to explore Mortimer’s Hole and the surrounding caves.

Entry to the Castle is only £5 each for students and it’s a short walk from the Maid Marian Way bus stop if you don’t feel like walking. In addition, there is a café/restaurant to enjoy some lunch or a drink in during your visit. With its fascinating views and impressive collections, Nottingham Castle is an enjoyable place to head to for an afternoon off from essays.

Rachel Harrison

Featured image: Arran Bee via Flickr

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