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Trailer Watch – Finding Dory

After 13 years of waiting for a sequel to Finding Nemo (2003), we are finally getting another look at Finding Dory, which will be released in June. Whilst Finding Nemo focussed on Nemo and his adventures, Finding Dory appears to focus on the amnesiac character of Dory suddenly recalling a glimpse of her childhood memories and, with the help of Marlin and  Nemo (along with characters old and new), setting out to find her family.

Andrew Stanton, director of the original film, returns as writer and director of the sequel, and it is evident that many of the much loved features from the original will be making a comeback in Finding Dory.  Most importantly, this new film looks to be just as heart wrenching as the first in regards to its important sentiments expressed on the true meaning of family.

Opening with ‘the stingray migration’, the trailer shows us Dory recalling her long-lost parents and old home. The line ‘We will never forget you Dory’ seems in particular to truly foreshadow the hopeful upcoming success of this film, reaching the ‘classic’ heights of the original. This is followed by the emotion-packed voice of the younger blue tang ‘But what if I forget you?’ The character development of Dory that will hopefully be seen in this has the potential to create both a humorous and emotive family film and is the only really interesting route a Finding Nemo film sequel could have taken.

This film, as with many other Disney/Pixar sequels being released this year, is already creating a lot of excitement among children and adults alike, and looks to be at least as successful as its predecessor.

Return to the seas in search of Dory’s past on June 17th.

Cathy Cooper

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Images from ‘Finding Dory’, Disney Pixar

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