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Trailer Watch – X-Men Apocalypse

There are many films with Apocalypse in the title. It’s one of the many clichéd and lazy selected titles that studios will slap on an unnecessary sequel in order to give it some “edge” over its predecessor. In Resident Evil: Apocalypse, the world wasn’t going to end. In  Avengers: AGE of Ultron, the situation was resolved in a long weekend. Yet in the latest trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse, the Apocalypse is most certainly here.

As predictable as mass destruction has become in comic book movies, the X-Men films have never really gone for full blown destruction of a city or the world, preferring to focus on the more personal side of their characters. Sure, Magneto has moved the Golden Gate Bridge or a stadium around, but he always puts it down gently.

Though unclear as to whether it is merely a vision or if it actually happens to their world, the concluding chapter in the rebooted X-men franchise is clearly going to give us some destruction on a global scale. The world is, very much, at stake. That being brought about by the seemingly limitless power of the titular villain, Apocalypse, makes him a daunting new nemesis for the young team of X-Men.

This new team is showcased heavily in this trailer, with the clear stars being Mystique and Quicksilver. A few new looks at Apocalypse’s “Horsemen”, including Psylocke, Angel, Magneto and a potential look at the origin of Storm. Previous trailers seemed to suggest that the Horsemen were under some sort of mind control; certainly Magneto looked to be not himself, and it is encouraging that this trailer suggests each horseman has free will, which will be far more interesting to experience.

The Apocalypse hits this summer on May 19th.

Glenn Tanner

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