UoN Students’ Biggest Fears

As Hallward and George Green begin to fill and exam time rolls ever closer, Impact Features thought this would be a great time to see what University of Nottingham (UoN) students fear the most. Procrastinating in the library, stuffing my face with Maryland cookies, I approached reluctant strangers to ask them a simple question: what’s your biggest fear?

  • ‘Being removed from the family Netflix account and having to buy my own’, Leigh Campbell, 21. Yes, the prospect of having to fund your own Netflix and Chill session is a daunting one. Nevertheless, owning a Netflix account is a commitment that brings you ever closer to adulthood, and even if you don’t get your degree, at least you’ll leave uni with something.


  • ‘Failure’, anonymous. Probably the most universal student fear, and my personal biggest one. In a uni where competition is rife, I don’t want to be the only one on my course to fail and end up at an Argos with a seventeen-year-old manager called ‘Johno’.


  • ‘Leaving my phone out and my mum seeing my Grindr messages’, anonymous, 19. I don’t think this needs an explanation. An awkward fear to say the least. However, on the plus side… Actually there is no plus side. Two words: password protect.

Frau, Handy, Nacht

  • ‘Waking up and realising I’m actually a Trent student,’ Harry, 19. To be fair to them they do have a good SU. Still, until they get a better bar crawl chant they can suck on my degree.

Tram stop

  • ‘Touching the carpet in Ocean,’ Charlotte, 20. Thankfully I’ve never fallen over in Ocean (otherwise I’d still be wiping the hair, vomit and VK from my face) but I can definitely understand the fear. Personally the only thing worse than this would be discovering that Maccies is closed afterwards.


Natalie Mallory

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