Varsity 2016: Dodgeball Interview

Impact Sport interviwed Marc Megginson, a member of the University of Nottingham (UoN) Dodgeball Team, on their Varsity preparations.

How has the season gone so far?

“This year the men’s A team has been promoted from Division 1 to the Premier League, and are currently 8th of 10.

“We are hoping to finish mid-table in this very competitive league. Also, in the University Cup men’s A team finished 3rd, and next week are having a second chance at gold in the University Cup.

“We have two GB players in the womens’ teams and the strongest thrower in the country on men’s team.”

How is the preparation for varsity going? 

“The team lost a lot of returners this academic year,  which was worrying. However, we had our biggest freshers intake so far, and had great commitment and willingness to play from new players.

“This has given fresh life to the team. We have won most years in the unofficial varsity events, but this is the first year that there will be three individual events for men’s, women’s and mixed gender.

“It gives us a chance to showcase more of the team. We have chosen to not play any A team member in the mixed gender event to further develop the B team.”

What is your favourite thing about the Varsity series?

“I’m really looking forward to the healthy rivalry between the teams, because the relationship between UoN  and Trent Dodgeball is actually pretty good. Our ‘B’ team was beaten by Trent, so they are looking forward to trying to avenge that defeat.”

Phil Taylor and Amy Greaves

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