Varsity 2016: Men’s Basketball Interview

IMPACT Sport caught up with Daniel, a member of the UoN Men’s Basketball 1st Team, to talk about the season so far and how preparation for Varsity is going.

How has the season gone so far?

Daniel: “We started off with two losses this season, but then won the next five, and so on, so it’s been a bit up and down and inconsistent!”

Have there been any new players for this year that have really impressed? Will we see them at Varsity?

Daniel: “We have two freshers on the team, including me, and obviously I’ve only seen the team in the last year, but it’s looked to have made a difference.”

How is the preparation for Varsity going?

Daniel: “There isn’t really much preparation at this point; it’s not been mentioned in training yet.  Training hasn’t been really changed much, to be honest, and we are just looking to continue what we have been doing so far!

“We just have to make sure that it is less about the personalities, and more about the team!”

“This will be my first Varsity and I’m excited, as it could well be one of the most watched basketball games in the UK!

“We haven’t played Trent yet this year, so it should be a fantastic game!

“At the moment, we have three teams, and we do have a couple of guys that have come in and taken the spotlight. We have an American player who is new this year called Tommy, who has come in on a sports scholarship and has had a big influence.

“We haven’t got many games left before Varsity; we have a game today, but we do have time to work on this before. Training is twice a week, so there is a lot of time left to get ready!”

What do you think is the biggest improvement needed within the team?

Daniel: “I think the biggest thing is cohesion as a team, and making sure we share the ball, but this will come with more game-time.

“Varsity is such a popular event with a great atmosphere!”

“We just have to make sure that it is less about the personalities, and more about the team!”

How is your recent record against Trent?

Daniel: “We have won consistently in recent years, so we definitely want to continue that, and I am confident that we will win!”

What is your favourite thing about the Varsity series?

 Daniel: “I think for me, it will be running out onto the court with the crowd, looking at about 7,000 people.  Varsity is such a popular event with a great atmosphere!

“I’ve played at junior level but that was only 500 people, so this will be very different!”

Are you looking to go to any events aside from yours?

Daniel: “Not really, I’m mainly about the basketball myself!”


Current Men’s Basketball Table

BUCS Basketball 2015-2016 – Midlands 1A

Updated: 13/03/2016 12:19 P W D L GD Pts
1 Derby 1st 10 7 0 3 86 21
2 Oxford Brookes 1st 10 7 0 3 80 21
3 Nottingham 1st 10 5 0 5 16 15
4 Worcester 2nd 10 5 0 5 -47 15
5 Loughborough 2nd 10 3 0 7 -87 9
6 Coventry 1st 10 3 0 7 -48 9


Interview conducted by Phil Taylor

Words by Connor Higgs

Image courtesy of Impact Image Team

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