Csongor Sovany has been announced as the new International Officer.

789 students voted for this position. After 1 round of voting, Csongor received 673 votes, beating RON who received 116 votes.

Csongor told Impact that he was “very happy and very excited to start working”.

He said that the best part of campaigning for him was “talking to international students and other committee members from societies”.

“I ran uncontested but I still put a lot of effort in”

“I ran uncontested but I still put a lot of effort in. I really wanted to get closer to international students”, he said.

Csongor is most looking forward to the International Students Board which he believes will be a “big event”. He hopes “lots of cultural and international societies will attend”.

When asked how he planned to celebrate, Csongor said: “I might end up going to Ocean but who knows”.


Round 1: 

Csongor: 673 votes

RON: 116 votes

Tamsin Parnell

Image: Impact Images Team

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