Men’s Lacrosse: “They always seem to step it up a bit so we can’t really be complacent”

Cameron Tobin, the goalkeeper for the University of Nottingham Men’s Lacrosse goalkeeper, spoke to IMPACT Sport about a strong season and Varsity.

How has the season gone so far?

CT: “It has been good. We made the BUCS final against Durham, and they’ve been in the final every year since 2008. We’ve got a great team.”

How many teams have you got?

CT: “We have three men’s teams.”

Are you happy with how everything has gone this year?

CT: “We’ve had one result we’d like to change. We’ve lost to Durham a few times but it has been good. It tends to be the case that we lose to Durham but I think we’ve jelled well as a team. We’ve had a couple of new guys which has been really good.

CT:”We’ve got four scholarships with us – two guys have come from America which is great because Lacrosse is really big over there. The two American guys are Dylan Snider and Will Stenberg. We’ve also had a guy from Australia – Will Pickett. And we’ve got a guy, Alex Russell, who is England under-19.”

How have the new freshers settled in?

CT: “We jell well as a team and I think we’ve built a strong core in the English team, rather than the way Durham approach it which is that they bring everyone from abroad.”

Do you think that people coming over on a scholarship have helped your game?

CT: “It raises up our game a level. They know so much more than we could teach ourselves so it’s really good. Also, often we’ll get a bit flustered in the game and they’ll come over and tell us to calm down and take it easy. They have a big impact on us in that way.”

What are you doing for Varsity prep?

CT: “We’re just training as normal at the moment. We’re obviously going to step it up a gear for the final. We’ll also probably be coming back a week early from Easter to get back into the swing of things. We want to be prepared for it.”

This is the first year of it being an official Varsity event. How are you feeling about that?

CT: “We’ve already beaten them twice. I’m feeling fairly confident. But obviously because it’s Varsity, Trent really like to push hard for it and step it up a bit. They always seem to step it up a bit so we can’t really be complacent.”

Favourite thing about being involved in Varsity?

CT: “The atmosphere and the way the whole University gets behind the team. There are people who barely know what Lacrosse is who come and support us during Varsity. For example, I never watch ice-hockey but I go to the Varsity one every year. Varsity is important.”

Are there any events that you’re planning on going to?

CT: “Ice-hockey, definitely. That’s an annual thing for me. Other than that, I’ll probably go and watch my housemate who plays Netball. And I’ll probably be going to watch the hockey – it’s always a good atmosphere there.”

Men’s Lacrosse Varsity will be played on Thursday 12th May at Lady Bay Stadium

Connor Higgs and Tamsin Parnell

Image: IMPACT Images Team

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