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Trailer Watch – Doctor Strange

If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, who ya gonna call? Stephen Vincent Strange… Doctor Strange, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the titular character, will be the fourteenth film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At first glance, it adds a much needed new dimension to the series but in more ways than one.

From the trailer, it doesn’t seem much like a regular Marvel film, the heavily costumed superhero who fights a series of people and then destroys half a city in the space of an hour. Instead it gives off impressions of being “if Inception was a superhero film” with its kaleidoscopic, street-bending sequences. Even the tagline “change your reality” seems like the type Christopher Nolan would use. This all may seem like negative criticism for the film, but it’s far from it…

Tilda Swinton appears to fit well to her role as “The Ancient One” and looks the best physical and mental trainer of a protagonist since Morpheus to Neo in The Matrix. Not much was seen of Chiwetel Ejiofor or Mads Mikkelsen, nor was much footage of Doctor Strange as the hero shown, which just adds to the mystery of this spectacular-looking film.

After Batman V Superman included (yet again) the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents, and almost every Marvel origin having a similar style narrative, it’s refreshing to have a different kind of foundation for this superhero to build upon. Marvel proved with Guardians of the Galaxy that going different works, and this looks to be another case of that happening again; hopefully the box office will agree!

Doctor Strange opens in cinemas on October 28th.

Luke Norman

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Image from Doctor Strange (2016), Marvel Studios.

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