UoNAF’s impressive 19-7 win over Trent’s Renegades comes hard-earned

After eight years of NTU Renegades’ American Football dominance, the impressive 19-7 win for UoNAF came hard earned. 

UoN won the coin toss and decided to make the kickoff to start the game. As such the Renegades begun in offense but, after four unsuccessful tries to make the touchdown, the ball went to UoNAF.

Short lived offence phases and missed punts were a surprisingly frequent occurrence for the usually strong team from Trent. The fumbled first punt gave UoN the advantage and Daniel Stainthorp made their first touchdown from Trent’s 20 yard line, initiated by Sam Wright.

The point after touchdown (PAT) was lost on this one. For the remaining 1st quarter both teams played well but no additional points were scored. Trent’s attempt of a field goal failed.

The first half ended with an impressive lead from UoN of 19-7

Trent kicked the second quarter off as offense but was immediately stopped and opted to punt. Getting some good runs by Will Hobbs and a penalty against Trent, UoNAF moved from their own 5 yard to Trent’s 40. From where Sam Wright passed the ball to Will Field who scored the touchdown.

The PAT worked and the score was now 13-0. Towards the end of the second quarter Trent scored their first touchdown by Gonzales and got the PAT. UoNAF immediately retaliated with Allar Ounapuu scoring UoN’s third touchdown but missing the PAT. The first half ended with an impressive lead from UoN of 19-7.


The second half featured some good runs by Will Hobbs and more good passes by Sam Wright but no more points on either side were scored. Leo Corney blocked some feeble attempts of Trent to make their way to UoN’s end zone. The match ended with UoNAF’s glorious win over the NTU Renegades. A deserved win all round by an impressive team.

Raphaela Ring

Image Credits: UonAF via Twitter

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