Review: Belgo’s Big Debut

Preceding April all 5 UK Belgo restaurants used to be selfishly hogged by London, but now? The Belgian gem has opened a branch in our very own Lace Market. For those not in the know: Belgo is a bar/restaurant that specialises in moules, frites, and bieres or: mussels, fries and beers and Impact was invited to witness a showcase and sample what they have to offer.

Belgo is styled after the Belgian marketplace and finished with an eclectic collection of artworks that lend to a fantastic and unique look. The atmosphere is relaxed with light rock music on play and the constant buzz of conversation. Now let’s talk about the crux of the matter, the food and drink. If mussels aren’t your thing, relax, there’s plenty of variety. Top quality beer isn’t for you? Okay… well there’s also a range of cocktails and soft drinks! Definitely ask the waiters for their recommendations; they’re friendly and impressively knowledgeable regarding the drinks range and can recommend pairings!


For starters we were served crunchy cheese and beer croquettes with a light relish that contrasted with the cheese nicely, and a smooth light pâté with beer jelly. For main we tried a very nicely seasoned rib eye steak with a creamy hollandaise sauce and asparagus prepared to perfection. Mussels were up next in two styles: Thai and traditional, which were spicy and rich respectively and absolutely delicious (I’d recommend dipping bread into the left over sauce). To describe the chips all that needs saying is that they could well be the best fries I’ve had, seriously, potatoes have no right to make me so happy. For dessert we were served a waffle with three toppings that definitely finished the meal on a high note.

So, what’s the verdict? Take this as a resounding recommendation as Belgo is a unique and a welcome addition to Nottingham’s food-scape.


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9 Weekday Cross, Nottingham, NG1 2GB

0115 924 1765

Open Monday to Saturday 11am-12midnight and Sunday 12noon-11.30pm

Jake Tenn

Images: Jake Tenn

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