Victory for UoN Badminton makes it 6-1 in Super Wednesday competition

A super Wednesday of Varsity rivalry continued with the badminton event, where the University of Nottingham (UoN) faced off with Nottingham Trent University (NTU) again in Badminton. There were many great performnaces from both sides, but UoN performed far better than their NTU counterparts, and took the win.

It was a fun event, where the commentators and players kept the audience engaged, not only with their impressive performances but also with a cheerful mentality. They even attempted a Mexican wave!

Badminton 2

UoN, represented by Ellen Mahenthiralingam and Emily Witts, made a clean sweep as they won all of the Ladies singles matches. On the other hand, the final Men’s singlas saw NTU take the win in both matches, despite a great performance by Toby Harland and Matt Lau for UoN.

Badminton 2

In the Doubles events, UoN took the first win in the Men’s with George Hargreaves and James Zhao giving a smashing performance. Over on the other court, the Ladies secured wins in both matches. UoN won the mixed doubles as well, therefore winning the overall game with a total score of 15-4.

Team Roster

Ladies Singles

Ellen Mahenthiralingam

Emily Witts

Mens Singles

Toby Harland

Matt Lau

Ladies Doubles

Jess Sharman and Charlotte Ho

Edith Langford and Ellen Liddle

Mens Doubles

Lyall Daniels and David Maughan

George Hargreaves and James Zhao

Mixed Doubles

Ellen Mahenthiralingam and George Hargreaves

Words by Sanchari Banerjee

Image: IMPACT Images Team

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