The University of Nottingham Students’ Union have announced that they will remain in the National Union of Students (NUS). 

Below are the statistics for the Nottingham referendum:

Remain: 1227 votes

Leave: 803 votes

Abstain: 10 votes

Total: 2040 votes

The quoracy level for this referendum was set at 836 votes.

Angharad Smith, President of the Students’ Union, commented:

As President of the SU, I am pleased students have found their voice in this important debate, which has been happening in Nottingham over the past few weeks. Students have now spoken, and the conclusion is that we should remain affiliated to the NUS. The Students’ Union will therefore continue working with the NUS to ensure students engage with the national issues affecting them. On a personal level I am pleased about this. However I also recognise that during the course of this referendum many constructive suggestions have been made about how the NUS might reform. It is crucial the NUS leadership engage with this reform agenda, to ensure the unity of the student movement going forward.”

Universities up and down the country have been voting whether to stay or leave the NUS. Notably, Cambridge and Oxford both decided to stay, as well as York.

Loughborough has been, at time of writing, the latest to disaffiliate.

Matteo Everett and Steven Green

Image courtesy of Arran Bee via Flickr

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