EU Referendum: Nottingham votes leave

50.84% of Nottingham residents voted to leave the European Union yesterday in the EU referendum, in line with a 51.9% majority to leave throughout the rest of the country.

120,791 Nottingham residents turned out to vote, representing 61.82% of the 195,394 electorate.

There were 130 spoilt ballot papers. 59,318 voters in Nottingham elected to remain in the European Union and 61,343 voted to leave. The decision to leave therefore had a 1.68% majority in the city.

On a national level, the country saw a 72.16% turnout. 16,141,241 voted to remain in the EU, representing 48.1% of voters, whilst 17,410,742 voted to leave – 51.9%.

Tamsin Parnell

Image: Yanni Koutsomitis via Flickr (CC)

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