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Impact contributor Disha Daswaney talks to award-winning creative director at Nottingham-based hair salon Zullo and Holland, Angelo Vallillo whilst trying out his newest product the ‘weekend fringe’.

Every chic beauty maven wants to shake up his or her look for the season and Zullo and Holland, an award winning local salon, has just the thing! International Creative Director, Angelo Vallillo, has just launched the ‘weekend fringe’, a service using Great Lengths extension pieces to add in a stylish side fringe, which can last up to two weeks. Since it has been beautifully cut to your face shape, it can be reused without any issues – just use double sided tape at the back of the weft to reattach the extensions. The service costs a reasonable price of £20 to £30 depending on the colour match, in order for the extensions to seem as natural as possible.

There is no doubt anyone spotted leaving Zullo and Holland are pulling off the hottest locks in town. The salon itself was fit for royalty with its luxurious private rooms, welcoming staff and buzzing atmosphere.

“I’m always learning and doing courses three times a year, so I’m always pushing myself to learn modern techniques”

Angelo Vallillo, partner at Zullo and Holland since 2013, never fails to disappoint with his innovative  and creative nature. Not only does Angelo style celebrity clientele for events such as the Oscars, he was responsible for some of the looks that strut down New York and London Fashion Weeks’ runways. In addition, he runs a successful hair academy above the salon, named ‘Angelo Vallillo Academy’ teaching the latest techniques to his students. We discussed the tricks of the trade and the latest trends with this multi-award winning stylist.

Paying specific attention to his esteemed clientele and stressing the importance of hair care to everyone who leaves the salon, Vallillo believes “suitability is probably the most important thing when I am styling a client, but the look has to be modern and they constantly need to be updated”. Extremely dedicated to his clients, Vallillo explains, “I’m always learning and doing courses three times a year, so I’m always pushing myself to learn modern techniques”.  His attention to hair care plays a vital role. He ensures his salon offers a service for selecting the correct shampoo and conditioner, as if he is diagnosing your hair to create a perfect formula for healthy tresses. “The outcome is then the right shampoo, conditioner and styling product. Our system checks your hair strength, thickness, density, protein and moisture because everyone has a different hair type and problems”, he states. Angelo warns against washing your hair on a daily basis – his secret to getting those luscious locks is to start with the basics and use the right products depending on your hair type.

“These extensions are real hair, so you need to treat them with the correct shampoo and conditioner, but just be wary they are in your hair, so don’t brush them too hard”

“Technology is something which is completely evolving and the product company I work with – Sebastian’s – latest collection ‘Transcendence’ inspired this service”, Vallillo explained. Angelo is a firm believer of embracing this technological change we are experiencing and experimenting with our hair in a healthy manner by enhancing our hair to create these stunning fringes. Great Lengths, who are the partnering brand of these high quality extensions, ensure they are easy to preserve. Angelo elaborates, “These extensions are real hair, so you need to treat them with the correct shampoo and conditioner, but just be wary they are in your hair, so don’t brush them too hard”. The removal process is simple; all you have to do is place conditioner at the root of the extension (where the plastic panel is placed).

The fringe is one of the most coveted trends this season and without the commitment of trimming your own locks you can try it out by using the ‘Weekend Fringe’ service. Fringes are extremely powerful tools because their versatility reigns supreme. “They can noticeably change your face shape, mood and hair”, said Angelo. “Fringes are coming back because there is a massive ’70s and ’80s hair vibe at the minute. Girls are playing with their hair texture by sporting longer lengths with more layers, but it has to look undone”, expresses Angelo. A personal hair faux pas is the mullet and poor haircuts. Angelo believes, “A good haircut is key for both males and females! Hair should appear more natural and organic, so the haircut should be done well enough, for the individual to put some product in their hair and get on with their day!”

In relation to men’s hair, Angelo says, “I think men’s hair is in limbo at the minute. I think we have seen the end of very heavy barbering.  I think everything is going to be a lot more classic and groomed and longer lengths are also trendy. We have people that used to go to barbers coming here now because they would like to grow their hair out”. The outlook for a trendsetting man is for their hair to be cut accurately.

Book your appointment at Zullo and Holland by calling 0115 950 4635 and check out their website and Angelo Vallillo’s personal website.

For all you Instagram lovers head to @zulloandhollandofficial and  @angelovallillo for some epic hair envy!

Disha Daswaney

Image Credit: Julia Koefender via Flickr

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