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It is hard not to spend hours swiping through shop after shop on phone and tablet application, Depop. As well as being financially unsustainable, it does tend to serve as a monumental distraction. We have solved all of your problems and found what we consider to be ten of the best shops on the application. Ladies, you might want to have your purses at the ready!

Hullabaloo Vintage (@hullabaloovintage)

Although Hullabaloo has a wide expanse of products, it is their denim items that rise above the rest. The shop offers edited, patterned and simple denim pieces. If you are a lover of denim, this is the shop for you!

VINTAGE/URBAN (@habershon)

In need of a statement bomber or some vintage sportswear? VINTAGE/URBAN is the ideal shop to find some of these wardrobe staples. Although, there is always the chance that a funky shirt or a jazzy all-in-one will pop up on the shop too!

Depop 3

Ohhh Hey Girl (@jadedouse)

Each piece sold through the shop, Ohhh Hey Girl, is perfect for anyone looking to make a statement through unique design instead of audacious pattern. What’s more, the shoes from this shop are sensational. They would make an amazing addition to any outfit!

Recession rags Vintage (@recessionrags)

If you are looking for an outstanding piece of vintage attire, this is the shop for you. It is clear to see that every piece has been carefully picked out of obscurity and styled with great attention to detail.

Depop 2

KIRSTY WARD (@kirstywarduk)

Would you like the opportunity to wear clothing and accessories from a cutting edge designer, but without waving goodbye to a month’s wages? Kirsty Ward has you sorted. Currently based in London, the womenswear and accessories designer releases certain pieces from her collections for sample sales on Depop.

Daisy Puddifoot (@happydais)

If you are more in touch with your feminine side of fashion, Daisy Puddifoot has lots of pieces that you will adore. Delicate florals, simple stripes and good quality basics are Daisy’s specialty

Depop 4

Slush Vintage (@slushvintage)

Patterned shirt on the shopping list? Look no further. Slush Vintage is awash with wacky shirts. On top of this, Slush also stocks incredible vintage sportswear. If you like VINTAGE/URBAN, you will love Slush Vintage too!

Nicola Nutshell (@nicolanutshell)

Nicola Nutshell offers the most varied assortment of products that you can find on the app. It is possible to come across anything from floral sundresses to patchwork dungarees. It is best to be quick off the mark though: like many other shops on the list, she sells her items through multiple sales platforms so they do not tend to stay around for long.

Bohemian Festival Jewellery (@featherheadpeople)

Handmade jewellery that is perfect for the festival season – what more could a girl want? A selection of feathers, crystals and pom-poms for a price that is perfect for a student budget. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, it is also possible to order bespoke jewellery.

Depop 1

LULUTRIXABELLE (@lulutrixabelle)

If you follow the group of marvellously stylish girls, known as Confetti Crowd, you will be happy to know that you can buy some of the pieces direct from one of the members. As well as selling things from her own wardrobe, the fashion blogger/ designer sells some pieces from her label – FLUFFY THE LABEL.

Jo Grimwood

Featured Image: Eddy Milfort via Flickr

Instagram Images: @habershon, @recessionrags, @happydais, @featherheadpeople via Instagram

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