It’s the morning after the night before. Now it’s time to soothe your hangover with the second instalment of our Freshers Week Playlists. 

Mac DeMarco – Ode to Viceroy

If this is your first foray into the dreamy sounds of the self-proclaimed Pepperoni Playboy, here’s a good place to dip in. Macky’s homage to Viceroy brand cigarettes is a perfect encapsulation of his off-kilter charm.

Ady Suleiman – Wait For You

Did you fall in love at a freshers event? The fuck is wrong with you? OK, it’s alright; Ady Suleiman has the perfect track to nurse your unwanted emotions. Read Impact‘s interview with Ady here

Cherry Glazerr – Had Ten Dollaz

Freshers Week is a great way to cut the fat from your as yet untouched student loan. Swap the ‘dollaz’ for ‘pounds’ and here’s the fuzz-pop soundtrack to your morning.

Frank Ocean – Pink + White

If you didn’t know, Frank Ocean dropped an album and it is fire. If you were one of the people that pretended you were a Frank fan because everyone else seemed to be, just put this on and say it’s your favourite off of the album. 

Sunday Morning – The Velvet Underground

The beautiful thing about Freshers Week is that every night feels like Friday and every morning feels like Sunday. Never has a song managed to capture the Sunday morning atmosphere better than this classic offering from the Velvet Underground.

Childish Gambino – Sober

Here’s an absolute tune and the title is probably pretty relevant. Drink less next time.  Childish Gambino is also a heavily underrated individual. Between him and Donald Glover, he’s pretty much covered everything in showbiz. 

Listen to the full playlist here

Joshua Ogunmokun and Maddy Hay

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