Are you happy being a woman? BBC poll suggests that you might be

A Radio 4 Woman’s Hour poll claim that women of 2016 are content with their gender, a reality that has changed since 1947.

Pollsters took a closer look into these women’s lives, revealing their attitudes on sex, money, family and appearance.

9 out of 10 women surveyed said they were happy to be a woman – a vast increase on the 1947 survey in which just over half were happy to be women.

After taking surveys of over 1000 women, pollsters found that the majority of women were content in their marriages with 87% saying that they would ‘stick with their husbands’ – an increase from 1949.

““Are you happy being a woman?” They all unanimously said: “Yes””

Work is another aspect that has changed for women throughout the years, with 60% of the women surveyed being employed today compared with 31% 65 years ago.

Nearly 24% of women aged from 25 to 34 said they were “extremely satisfied” in the bedroom. Women of the same age range also said that money was their biggest concern.  

Women who earned a substantial amount of money (£40,000-plus) ‘were twice (8%) as likely as the lowest earners (under £20,000) to think having no children was ideal.’ Only 4% of non-graduates said they wouldn’t have children. 

“2016 is a powerful year for women”

Stress was the last factor examined with women aged 25 to 34. Their biggest concerns scaled from health (68%), being financially independent at an old age (53%) to having enough money for basic needs (51%).   

When asking Harps Panesar, Nicole Swain and Pia Schäfer (three first year International Media and Communication students) if they were happy being women, they unanimously said: “Yes”.

One of them commented: “2016 is a powerful year for women”.

Sarah Lindgärde

Image: Ged Carroll via Flickr

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