Lazy Oaf X Disney: Dreams Really Do Come True

Lazy Oaf. Not only am I a huge lover of the brand’s passion for illustrative punchy weirdness, I have felt complete ever since hearing about their collaboration with Disney.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been obsessed with Disney and Walt might still be my secret MCM. Although I have always been a bit of a tomboy and have never obsessed over the idea of becoming a princess, I still dream of being a mermaid (I don’t really class Ariel as your conventional pink princess)!



We’ve all got those photos of ourselves in our younger years, decked out in Disney attire, which most likely involved glittery capes and plastic seashell tiaras. However, I think we can all admit that we may be a bit too old to step foot into a Disney store. Not to worry, Disney is not just for kids anymore – Mickey’s graduated into the world of high street fashion. This is why the Lazy Oaf x Disney has stolen my heart.



Don’t panic, the collection is nowhere near anything you would see someone wearing in the huge queues at Disneyland. Instead, I bet you’ll be seeing a number of the pieces featured on a number of models while off-duty. As the Disney nostalgia never leaves us, Gemma Shiel (Lazy Oaf’s director and designer) has been known for wanting to create clothing based upon Disney’s characters. What better way to do it then in the year Lazy Oaf celebrates its fifteen year anniversary?



In mid-October, Palm Vaults premiered the collection in East London’s Hackney alongside Shiel’s own personal Mickey and Minnie memorabilia collection. The event attracted an array of artsy Lazy pals from model and artist, Charlie Barker, to photographer and stylists, Erika Bowes and Yuki Haze of Sukeban Girls. The venue was filled with mini palm fronds and fairy lights while everyone nibbled on avocado and wasabi sushi, coloured pink, and pitaya and coconut smoothie pots…, not that I’m jealous or anything.



The three-part collection that was debuted featured some of the classic Disney characters including The Aristocats, Cinderella, 101 Dalmatians, and of course Mickey and Minnie Mouse. For men there are only four exclusive items, whereas, the women’s line includes a glorious set of twenty-six garments. A retro-inspired style is reflected throughout the line, with its range of skirts, oversized jumpers, bomber jackets and pinafores.



The pastel princess street-wear featuring Cinderella’s castle printed on a pink and white frilly hoodie is my personal favourite. Cute little kitten, Marie, has a frilled pocket denim skirt and oversized tees in prettier powder shades of pink and blue. She also struts her stuff on a boxy denim jacket in white with pink ribbons that run up the sleeves. There is also the most incredible pair of corduroy slacks covered in Mickey’s face.



Of course this is Lazy Oaf we’re talking about, so no line could would be complete without the ultimate accessories – frilly Dalmatian socks and baby pink Aristocats caps. Lazy Oaf x Disney is the ultimate combo of cuteness and style to prove immaturity does not exist in fashion and fantasy is acceptable for any age. They have succeeded in making my dreams (and surely yours) come true!

Poppy Malby

Featured Image: Bitch Buzz via Flickr – License.

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