Be At One: Nottingham’s surprisingly affordable cocktail gem

Well hello there, distinguished guests! Fancy quenching your thirst with delightful cocktails without cocking up your budget? Well as it just so happens a new cocktail bar has opened in Nottingham recently named “Be At One”, a bar with an impressive range of cocktails.

And the best part? If you show your student card, you get each cocktail for £5, which decisively knocks out most other venues in value. Myself and my chums at IMPACT Food decided to give this place a try with a cocktail each so, let’s just assess each as it came:

First up, Josh with the English fizz:

“Ideal after a long day, this drink is really refreshing, perfectly balancing the taste of the gin without kicking you with the alcohol. With its smooth taste, subtle sweetness and a freshness from the cucumber syrup, elderflower liquor and mint, you can’t help but imagine that they had freshly picked the ingredients from an idyllic English garden.

“When you’re finally enjoying a well earned break, this drink will definitely help you feel both relaxed and refreshed.”

Next, Jake with the Mai Tai (and the margarita):

“Unfortunately, one of our number couldn’t attend! So being the kind soul I am I took the bullet and had the second cocktail (how selfless am I?). Starting with the Mai Tai, now, if you’d read my top and bottom 5 drinks article you’d know I’m a rum guy. Some would say too much of a rum guy but screw them, they’ve had something against me ever since I repurposed their sofa as my pirate ship (don’t ask).

“But I digress, I was encouraged to see Appleton estate 15 year rum involved and even more so to find the Mai Tai was a refreshing, citrus and slightly bitter cocktail that hit me in all the right places.

“Now the margarita, a classic. I like my margaritas simple and it just so happens that the good folks at Be At One are on the right page, with a sharp cocktail containing just lime juice, triple sec and tequila, all on the rocks and salted on the rim to cut through the intense flavour and mellow the sharpness on the taste buds.

“There’s a reason this cocktail is popular and they nailed it. This place is a gem and so it would be remiss of me not to point out the only flaw apparent to me: the music is a bit loud for a predominantly sit down venue but the vibes and the cocktails are so fab that this complaint doesn’t carry much weight.”

Third, Sarvi with the Painkiller:

“It does exactly what it’s supposed to. Just sip your pain away and take yourself to a tropical island with a pinch of your bitter past. The bitter past being one of the ingredients: Pussers Gunpowder Rum at 54% Alc/Vol.

“The other ingredients: coconut cream, orange and pineapple juice worked together hand in hand to send you to that island. Although it may come across as just a pretty garnish, the dried pineapple wheel excited my taste buds by providing all the citrusy and crunchy goodness as a pallet cleanser fighting against that strong rum.

“All in all, a strong cocktail for those who need a little more kick than just your average piña colada.”

Finally, Ruth with the Pornstar Martini:

“I decided to order this particular cocktail, which is basically vanilla vodka and a shit ton of passion fruit as I have had it before and know I like it. I know, I’m boring by playing it safe! However, my experience turned out to be quite exciting when the barman invited me behind the bar! He showed me how to measure out one shot, which the staff at Be At One just pour straight out of the bottle into the cocktail shaker (why use measuring utensils when you can be cool?).

“That was pretty easy to copy but the other ingredients of the cocktail required more than one of these ‘shots’ so when the barman indicated that I needed to put three ‘shots’ in, I sort of just poured it in randomly and hoped for the best. I’m sure this comes naturally to the staff at this bar, but for me? – How?!

“Once all the ingredients are in, you have to shake it all up as best you can and I actually got quite into it. The barman finished it off; little dance, martini glass and garnish- bam. He then poured me a little shot of prosecco, served on the side. The cocktail was amazing, fruity, sweet and divine (even if I say so myself – I did sort of make it. Sort of). It was a really fun experience and a great cocktail, highly recommend it!”

Jake Tenn

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