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Trailer Watch – La La Land

Imagine this: an uplifting soundtrack, stunning cinematography, perfectly choreographed dance sequences and some of the best cast and crew members all rolled into one. The new trailer for La La Land promises all of that – and more.

Damien Chazelle has already proved that he’s an extraordinary storyteller: 2014’s Whiplash was rife with tension and intrigue – a truly unexpected thrill from start to finish. From this trailer for his new film, we see that La La Land could be somewhat similar to its predecessor, by touching upon parallel themes and, of course, emphasising music, a key feature that we have now come to expect from Chazelle.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are reunited (having collaborated in the past on 2011’s Crazy Stupid Love and 2013’s Gangster Squad) as the film follows Gosling’s jazz pianist, Sebastian, and Stone’s failing actress, Mia, as their relationship blossoms under the hardships of their respective ambitions.

The extravagant sets and bursts of song, as well as the whirlwind romance at the heart of it, help Chazelle in his ode to the musicals of Hollywood’s Golden Age. Then again, as John Legend (playing a friend of Sebastian’s) states, “you hold on to the past, but jazz is all about the future”. Could that mean that perhaps this won’t be as clear-cut a homage as is being suggested? If so, it will be exciting to see how Chazelle has – yet again – breathed new life into a, perhaps otherwise forgotten, classic genre.

La La Land swings into UK cinemas on 13th January 2017.

Sarah Quraishi

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