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Trailer Watch – Love Is All You Need?

What if society’s views were reversed? What if heterosexuality was not considered the norm? An overtly thought provoking concept turned indie film is Love Is All You Need?

Nothing excited me too much in the trailer and it seemed to go on for a long 3 minutes, giving every plot line a lot of screen time, and maybe too much. However, in a time where Donald Trump is the incumbent president of the USA and LGBT rights are currently under fire, a film slapping you in the face with problems of inequality may be needed.

Therein lies the problem, however; it slaps you in the face. It isn’t cleverly offering questions of morality or love, it seems to be forcing you to watch a mirror of your own life and how you affect people through discrimination. Maybe with this issue, full-force brutality with nothing to hide is the way to go.

LGBT rights and discrimination is still rife with some who believe they are somehow lower than heterosexual people, but this film forces these discriminatory people to think about the effects they are having on others.

This film is clearly aimed at changing people’s minds on the LGBT community but a small budget indie film, with no real big Hollywood backing is going to be just one cup of water thrown onto the forest fire. A nice idea which I hope changes some people, but the reality is if their views are set an over the top film like this isn’t going to change anything.

Described as Romeo and Juliet meets Requiem for a Dream, this could be a hard hitting indie film that provokes discussion and makes the viewer look at themselves, or it could fly under the radar and not contribute to the issues at hand. Give it a watch and see how it makes you feel.

George Driscoll

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