Arty Outings: The North and South of Christmas Markets

From bright and sunny Leeds to dark and rainy Bath: you wouldn’t expect it, but I experienced it!


On a cold, but Sun-smiling day in the first week of December, I went to visit a friend from home in Leeds. The Christmas market itself was relatively small, but boasted uniquely arty stalls despite its overall size. Hand carved nutcrackers smiled (or grimaced, depending on your point of view) at stall-browsers, whilst honey candles in delicate designs were laid across displays.

Lovely Selfie at Leeds Christmas Market

Lovely selfie at Leeds Christmas Market

Inside the town hall was the Etsy homemade market (for one weekend only). Many of us know Etsy as the online homemade retailer but, in recent years, they’ve brought their arty creations out in pop-up markets around the UK. From carved ‘Yorkshire Pud’ coasters to intricately decorated Christmas cards, there was something for everyone (and a respite inside from the cold Yorkshire air!).

Christmas lights around Leeds were very precisely designed, including champagne bottles so detailed that even the label lit up!

Leeds Christmas Lights

Leeds Christmas lights


Now I know you’ll be thinking there’s nothing worse than a Christmas market in the rain, but hear me out. Bath Christmas market is famous up and down the UK; both for being fantastic, and crammed with people. The rain scared off some stall browsers, making it possible to actually access the stalls, and try some of the free goodies on offer. My boyfriend and I decided to try the spiciest chilli sauce at one stall, and instantly regretted it. However, shots of blackberry gin, mulled cider, chai latte milk, fudge and cheese made up for the fatal chilli error.

Cute Selfie at Bath Christmas market

Cute selfie at Bath Christmas market

A glass stall, with all products handmade in Bath, offered some beautiful local handmade creations for your Christmas tree and home. Hand painted Christmas cards, and wicker-woven baskets stalls line the streets of Bath, accompanied by the spiced smells of mulled wine, cider and cloves. The Bath Christmas market is situated all around the city, with a great proportion right next to the Cathedral; perfect for some arty Christmas market photography!

To conclude, both of these markets are well worth a visit when they return next year and, until then, Merry Christmas Impact Arts readers!

Isla McLachlan

Image Credit: Isla McLachlan

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