Five Favourite Christmas Presents for an Arts Lover

After much deliberation and scouring of websites, Impact Arts have finally narrowed down our top five Christmas pressies for the arty person in your life! So if you’ve left it to the last minute, or are spoilt for choice, then check out our ideas below and get buying! 

5. Book Journal

The Literary Gift Company is perhaps the first place to go when searching for a unique present for the book worm in your life. As you can probably fathom from its title, it is filled with a wonderful variety of book related goodies, one of which is this notebook. Designed to keep track of books that you have already read, but also ones that you want to read, this is perfect for both the organised and the forgetful reader. You’d be surprised at how many people forget they have read a book until they are already reading it again. Have your friends ever seen a book that they fancy reading, but then forget what it’s actually called when they go to find it again? This simple tool will be the perfect Christmas gift for them!

4. Arty Prints

There are so many prints out there available online that you’ll be spoilt for choice, and we can guarantee that your book loving friend will appreciate them all the more. Art prints come at a range of prices, and more importantly, in a variety of colours and quotes suitable for anyone (hence why this is one category in itself – how could you choose between them?)! Anyway, from book artwork to author quotes, a simple print will bring a smile to anybody’s face.

3. A Book and a Brew Box

OK, so you may not be able to spare the cash on a monthly subscription box for your book loving buddy or family member, but the company Book and a Brew also do one-off boxes! What they do is send you a mystery box with a great book and some tasty tea, which are both worth more than the amount you pay. The one-off box is fantastic for a gift, and maybe the person you buy it for will even be encouraged to start off a subscription themselves. The boxes are shipped on the 15th of every month, so will arrive in time for Christmas, and what better present to give a bookworm than a book itself?

2. Book Jewellery

Oh, Austen, you beauty! As a book lover, there is no doubt that this quote is relatable. If your friend, or even you (go on, treat yourself!), don’t particularly enjoy a bit of Austen however, then the Literary Emporium is absolutely overflowing with brilliant gifts. Of course, it depends who you’re buying for. The different necklaces are priced between £14.50 – £18.00, so you’d have to consider your Christmas budget. However, the company sells loads of bookish treats and stocking fillers that you can browse at your own leisure. I was given an adorable Virginia Woolf notebook for my birthday, and it was a perfect gift… I must admit the necklace is tempting though, right?

1. Make Your Own

On a budget and fancy making your own? Here’s a great gift that is both personal, but won’t break the student bank!

  1. Head down to a shop and buy a couple of jars, big or small – you can usually get these fairly cheap from a variety of places.
  2. Take two different colours of paper and cut them into small pieces just big enough to write on. On one colour, write down a book title. On the other colour, write down quotes from authors, or even just from books that you love.
  3. Fold up the pieces of paper and put them into their respective jars. The idea here being that if the recipient of this personal gift are ever stuck for what book to read, they simply go to their book jar and pull out a new title. If they’re feeling a little down, a bookish motivational quote will be at hand in the other jar.
  4. Make sure you write down this one rule – they must read the book that they’ve picked out! I did this for my friend last year, and included the Harry Potter books after she claimed not to like them, despite never having read them! The recipient may actually surprise themselves!
  5. Oh, and make sure to include loads of different genres, including children’s books! You never know, The Wind in the Willows may be exactly what a friend needs to de-stress.

Extra tip: give them a few pieces of coloured paper of their own. They’ll no doubt see a book that they want to read, but not have the time to read it. They can then write it down on the piece of paper, slip it into the jar themselves, and it will be there when the time is right!

Isobel Davidson

Image credit: Aaron Jacobs via Flickr.

Merry Christmas from Impact Arts!

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