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Gig Preview: The Blinders, Rough Trade (02/12/12)

Following their performance at Leeds festival and the release of their debut single ‘Swine’ on Radio 1, The Blinders hit Nottingham on Friday the 2nd of December.

Born and raised in Doncaster and currently stationed in Manchester, The Blinders are the north’s best export since Yorkshire Tea. Expect noise, as intense drums, wailing guitars and poetic screams define the anarchistic punk band’s sound.

If this hectic political year has stressed you out beyond repair, then The Blinders are what you need to express all the anger and frustration it has caused. Having a break from Ocean’s cheese will certainly be the smartest choice you will have made all year.

The Blinders are on the rise, stopping in Nottingham as part of their UK tour, so witness the beginning of the country’s next big thing this week. See what the hype is about at the free Joe Strummer Foundation fundraiser event at the Rough Trade this coming Friday.


Keith Muir

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