How to Rock Christmas Womenswear

It’s nearing the end of term, which not only means deadlines, but also means a month’s worth of social events crammed into the space of a week. Society formals, your mate’s house party, the farewell night out with your housemates and suddenly everything in your wardrobe just doesn’t feel right. As an early Christmas gift, Impact Style has you covered.

  1. The formal.

 Step one – The dress. The dress is a formal classic. However, instead of relying on the little black number, spice it up with some festive burgundy and soft crushed velvet that will match your mulled wine. Experiment with and mix textures from heavy sequins to glossy satin. For the brave, metallic colours are a great way to stand out from the crowd and are a great way of looking like a freshly wrapped Christmas present.

Step one (option two) – The jumpsuit. If dresses are not your kind of thing, a jumpsuit is a perfect alternative. Jumpsuits combine menswear and elegant womenswear with ease. On top of their versatility, they are very comfortable to keep wearing after your three-course meal has ended and you want to dance the night away.

Step two – The coat. We all have our old faithful winter coat which gets dragged to university and back every day from October to February. We also don’t mind stuffing old faithful down the back of a sofa at a house party, or into the cloak room at a club, but it might not look the best draped over the back of a dinner chair.

Faux fur coats are an obvious choice to add an extra tonne of class to your already classy formal outfit. Not only do you look like a millionaire heiress, but you’re also as warm as a turkey in the oven on Christmas Day. The only downside is the cost.

2) The house gathering.

 Step One – The clothes. What if you’re skipping the formals this year but still want to look stunning for that end of term house party? Topshop combine traditional festive sparkles with a long sleeve mesh top to bring the glitz into your home. Pair with a bold, block colour skirt or high waist trousers for a comfortable party outfit.

Love them or hate them, Christmas jumpers are almost as traditional as the nativity scene and we all have that friend who likes them a little bit too much. Personally speaking, the uglier the Christmas jumper the better. However, the jumper with the light up Rudolph’s nose isn’t to everyone’s taste. Thick knitwear with a simple pattern will always be a safe option.

Step Two – The shoes and the accessories. Christmas is a special time of year and a perfect excuse to buy a new pair of heels. Suede heels are beautiful, but be careful if it is forecast to rain. If you’re feeling more adventurous, then the thigh high boot is a sexy statement piece that will be well worth the investment. Just make sure that they fit and are comfortable enough that you won’t be walking home in bare feet. Contrary to popular belief, no shoe is worth that amount of pain.

If, despite all odds, you feel you need more glitter in your outfit then consider accessories such as glitter tights. If your outfit just needs one extra thing, go for a small piece of jewellery like a pendant necklace.

Step Three – The makeup. Christmas is known for its glitz and glam, so if you are yet to add any glitter to your outfit, or just can’t get enough of the stuff, makeup is the perfect place to start. The classic option is to use glitter based eye shadow in gold and other warm colours, but also consider creating a glittery lip which will look great in photos.

Glitter may be the staple of any Christmas look, but if you want to go against the crowd perhaps opt for a softer, dewy look. This is a more natural take on the bold glittery looks. Use colours such as white and silver to add light sparkle to the inner eye and eyelid crease. Additionally, use a bright highlighter on the cheekbones and top it off with a clear lip gloss or light lip stain.  This may be less of a statement than the our first look, but it still creates a radiant effect.

Any questions? Send us a message, and enjoy the festive season in style!

Ellis Harris

Image Credit: Susanne Nilsson via Flickr – License.

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