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Trailer Watch – Spiderman: Homecoming

It might still be over half a year away, but we’re already getting excited for the next outing of our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman, as played by Tom Holland. With two versions of the trailer for Spiderman: Homecoming released today, we have plenty of action to wet our appetites.

Tony Stark, action, destruction, climbing walls, suit upgrades, Big Bad villains, Aunt May, and school. These trailers have it all. The first proper glimpse into Spiderman: Homecoming is jam-packed with material, and although a lot is revealed about what we might expect from the film, the trailer isn’t just a step-by-step outline of the plot, so we could still be in for some surprises.

The first official trailer focuses on Peter’s struggle with his new superhero identity whilst also navigating high school life – this seems to be a believable grounding of the teenage character, following in the wake of his portrayal by much older actors. We see Spiderman’s everyday alter ego taking part in normal school life, hanging out with friends, and talking about girls. It looks like this film is going to make a serious effort to show Peter as a ‘regular kid’ without sacrificing the quality of the storyline, which is definitely something to get excited about.

The international trailer gives a more action-focused view of the film, showing lots of footage of Spiderman scaling walls, fighting bad guys, doing dramatic stunts, and potentially biting off more than he can chew. Although there is less Peter Parker in this trailer than Spiderman, that gives us more of a chance to view Big Baddie of the film, Vulture, and see how he will interact with the other characters of the film.

Aside from these insights into Spiderman’s character, the most noticeable thing in both trailers is Tony Stark’s prominence; the billionaire is Spiderman’s superhero mentor. But at the same time, there is a distance there: Tony passes off what could have been a supportive hug as him opening a door, he gives confusing and contradictory advice to Peter, and he tries to constrain Spiderman’s superhero activities.

Hopefully Iron Man won’t overshadow Spiderman in the film itself – this isn’t his movie, after all – but his presence is definitely felt by Peter throughout. It is his overbearing protectiveness that Spiderman is apparently trying to rebel against in exercising his abilities, tired of being seen as a child – which is certain to have dramatic results.

Based on these trailers, this is the version of Spidey we’ve all been waiting for. As demonstrated in Captain America: Civil War, Holland’s version of the much-portrayed character is definitely something to get excited about, and these trailers only emphasise that more. We are offered Peter Parker’s special brand of wit and energy when taking down villains, and his tendency to talk in the middle of a fight is sure to add some clever comedy to the action sequences.

Personally, I can’t wait for this film. There are so many tiny nuggets of information in these trailers already, so many hints of what is to come, that I am sure the final product will be excellent. Glimpses of characters such as Zendaya’s Michelle (Mary-Jane?) are intriguing, and the interaction of Peter’s school and superhero life will certainly be a main theme. There is a lot we can glean from these trailers, and yet so much still to come. But the film’s not out until July. It’s going to be a long wait.

Isobel Sheene

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