‘Let’s Stand Up To Trump’: Nottingham Marches Against US President

On the 20th February, the city of Nottingham was host to a march and rally against the US President Donald Trump making an official State Visit to the UK.  The ‘Let’s Stand Up To Trump’ rally was organised by groups such as the Nottingham People’s Assembly. 

The march started from the Forest Recreation Ground and made it’s way to Market Square where guest speakers addressed the marchers. One of the speakers was a NUJ journalist, who stated “I’m a journalist but Trump is fake and making up the news”.

Several individuals said they were still in shock that the American public voted for Donald Trump.

One anonymous woman said of the US President:

“There is no migrant problem, imperialists states like Britain and the United States are responsible for destabilising countries. You are the one creating refugees, if you stop bombing them they won’t come to your country”.

Paul, a member of Frack Free Nottingham, told Impact:

“Donald Trump is a threat to us all, he’s a threat to the world, we are on the front line against fracking. If Donald Trump does come to the UK we will make it the biggest demonstration the world has ever seen and we can do that.”

Habiba Katsha

Images: Habiba Katsha

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