Spring is Coming, Here’s a Guide for Girls on What to Keep In and What to Throw Out

Spring falls on the 20th of March, and although this seems like months away, time soon flies by! The change into spring means a wardrobe update or recycle is required before the weather takes a slight (but noticeable) change for the better.

Themes that are dominating the spring collection are; femininity through lighter colours and softer materials, quirky through a shift towards brighter colours, and exaggerated sleeves. Finally, in contrast to the quirkier look, the pragmatic approach: simple yet effective everyday looks that your wardrobe is craving.


Step one – Too soon to part with yet

Statement stripes: Stripes are no doubt a part of every winter wardrobe but they are not refined to just this season, oh no. Stripes are a versatile trend so it’s not just refined to your t-shirt collection, but the statement pattern is a must for trousers, also.

Embroidery: Embroidery, particularly flowers was a big trend this winter. This feminine theme remains dominant in spring fashions this year. Therefore, don’t part with any embroidery just yet, they will be making a popular return!

TREND TIP: Missguided and New look combined have 3/5 of the spring style trends online. They both offer exaggerated looks and items with more subtle influences, all perfectly justifiable on a student budget!


Step two – bin it, sell it or recycle it

Puffer jackets: I assume if you don’t own a puffer jacket yet then you will know someone who does: them and their multitude of colours have engulfed girls’ wardrobes across the country. Now that the weather is slowly getting warmer, it’s time to ditch this trend and opt for something smaller and quirkier. Leopard print or a simple denim jacket will always remain a popular choice and fit in with this spring’s trends.

Military: Military jackets and more recently, trousers have been an up and down trend all winter. However, it’s not necessarily their time to leave. This spring is very much concerned with khaki-coloured items. Hence, if you have any military colour rather than style items then you can keep them or mix them with other spring trends.


Step three – must haves for this spring

Yellow: Yellow is what some may suggest, RISKY. It’s one of those colours that everyone is slightly too nervous to wear regularly or even at all. However, this spring demands a risk-taking need for neon colours in your wardrobe, meaning yellow is a MUST. Even if it’s a yellow rucksack or pair of socks, do it!

Pink: Pink again is considered a ‘brave’ colour by most. However, this upcoming season demands not only bright pink but pastel pinks, including tops, jumpers and skirts. Plus, with the dominating theme of femininity this spring, wearing pink is the perfect opportunity to get girly!

Flares: Flared trousers have been dominant all winter, from party to casual day wear. However, it’s time for them to take a back seat while their processor: bell-sleeved tops, take the main stage. This (again very feminine) look will take off during early spring, and although the trousers were last season, their popularity remains just as strong for the spring season too. Just don’t wear them together, no one wants to feel like they still belong in the 70’s!

Overall, the main tips for this spring season is to invest in colour and ditch the puffer’s. Along with some last-season inspiration a simple but effective spring wardrobe is more than achievable!

Charlotte Hegley and Emma Heasman

Image Credit: Artificial Photography via Unsplash

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