Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Don’t worry, we often leave these things until the last minute! Unless you’re a mind-reader, gift shopping is never a stress-free occasion, especially when it’s for someone you care about. However, Impact Style’s top tip is that when it comes to gifts for men, a combination between practicality and aesthetic is always a winner.

Here’s the kinds of items he’ll love:


Socks are – or should – always be a winner.

A good quality pair of socks feel great and evoke confidence. If they’re colourful, all the better. There’s not a better start to a day than putting your favourite socks on. We recommend going for stripes. They never fail, look killer with a suit or dressed down and can we used with many different outfits provided some colours match. If you’re feeling very generous there’s Paul Smith’s sock subscription!


Bags are an essential for the practical person, and not something many guys enjoy browsing for. Here are our favoruites:

1. The Laptop Carrier

Bias perhaps, as the sleek-yet practical Danish rainwear company are amongst my favoruite brands (I own their ‘rucksack’) but their Msn bag is waterproof, trendy and available in a range of colours to suit from formal to bold and stylish. Urban Outfitters are amongst the UK stores to stock Rains but I always buy direct from their website as there’s a greater choice of styles and colours. This ensures a more unique purchase – such as the MSN in a very unusual but lovely Khaki shade. Perfect for everyday use.

2. The Gym Bag

Whether a gym goer or otherwise, exercising is always a great health choice; we love this Herschel Novel Holdall Bag!


On the subject of gym-going, sportswear is another ideal gift idea; and whilst some more known brands can be pricey – Fortem Sportswear are an emerging sportswear company who offer top quality for modest prices. We’re especially fond of their hooded jersey.


Essential items as a personal gift? Yep! What could possibly be more comforting, supportive and useful that knowing there’s a jumper that’ll go with everything, or a white t-shirt to go under any shirt in the wardrobe?

A personal favourite is the long-sleeved cotton t-shirt from J Crew. Buying this in grey or navy ensures an option in any situation, paired with a blazer, under a V-neck jumper, or on its own with the sleeves rolled up. Endless possibilities!

… or if you’re feeling generous, the gifts we’d dream to receive are from Old Town, a clothing manufacture from Norfolk. It may not arrive on time, as the company only take orders over the phone or in person and produce about seventy garments a week. However, they offer something unique and beautiful. We’d especially love their Hemsby jumper in mustard.

Rhys Thomas

Image Credit: Matheus Swanson via Flickr – License.

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