Creative Corner: The Glass Story and Picture Im^perfect

The Glass Story

I walked passed the street we always took
& the palpable glass we looked.
This time you weren’t there,
And the transparent glass had a story to tell.
It was the composition, ‘twas ethereal,
Of you and me living lives surreal.
You’ll ceaselessly have me,
As idyllic I could possibly be.
But it said things change unhurriedly.
Dear darling, ‘twas a moment of epiphany.
It revealed me about your future,
Glimpses of you languidly turning old.
But this time I wasn’t around,
I was probably young when I was gone.



Picture Im^perfect

Calm and serene Picture
With the people ‘I think’ and regard as my beloved
It was close to a perfect capture
when an artificial humor was inculcated.
The moment was Idyllic
‘coz for once we all smiled at each other!
Though it was unrealistic,
I have split seconds of ‘us’ happy together.
The unworldly behaviour he poses
We are now accustomed.
No personage had hints,
at the rear of those spurious smiles, of what happened.
My Family Picture with my parents is phenomenal
Framed are the atypical relation

Chandni Venkatesh

Image credit:josh james via Flickr.

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