Impact on the Campaign Trail: Day 5

It’s day five of campaigning for the Students’ Union elections; the sun is out, Prince Andrew is coming to visit but the candidates are out trying to win your votes.

Impact caught up with Naomi Batley (Welfare Candidate) outside of Hallward Library. She said that she has really been enjoying the campaigning so far and that the other candidates are “so lovely”.

On her visit to Sutton Bonington yesterday, she explained that she “had a really nice chat with the Guild and it was interesting to see their perspectives on issues for change”.

Joshua Chan (Presidential Candidate) was then spotted near Physics after giving a lecture shout out. He said that the campaigning had been “very tiring” but rewarding. Joshua mentioned that he had been doing lecture shout outs from 9-5 almost every day to spread the word about his manifesto.

Josh isn’t attending Crisis tonight, as he wants his team to save their energy for the last couple of days.

Also, outside of the George Green Library was Sweep (Presidential candidate) who was “really confident” about his campaign but mentioned that he was “running out of bribe money”.

Sweep will be attending Crisis tonight and has also teased a possible dance-off against Sooty.

Finally, Impact spoke to Declan Greaves (Education Candidate) who’s been speaking to students from a wide range of faculties including music.

He has enjoyed being asked about his manifesto rather than just reading it to people. He mentioned the “interesting” range of questions presented at the question time debate, but said it was a good experience.

Declan will be at Crisis tonight and hopes to not lose another banner there.

Luke Norman

Images: Rhys Thomas for Impact Images

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