Impact On The Campaign Trail: Day 1

Today marks the first day of the campaign trail for the Student Union elections, with candidates out and about in an attempt to gain votes.  

Candidates for the SU elections were up bright and early this morning, hanging up posters and giving out leaflets to people all over Portland Building.

Impact bumped into a few candidates who all seemed eager and enthusiastic despite the early start. Adam Pratchett, who is running for Sports Officer, said: “It is good to get involved early and to engage with the students early. I am looking forward to it.”

“It is good to get involved early and to engage with the students early.”

When asked if he was excited for the campaigning to start he said: “I have been waiting for this for quite a while. A lot of planning has been involved in this and I am glad that it is finally here. A bit stressful but we are hopefully going to do our best and see what happens.”

Not too far away from Adam was Francis Dwan, who is running to be the President. With his campaign shirt on he told Impact that he was excited that the campaigning had started: “I think we got a really good chance and I managed to persuade three or four people to come and help me out this morning, which is quite impressive I think.”

“It is going to be a fun two weeks.”

When asked what he is looking forward to the most during the campaign he smiled and admitted that the nights out “should be good fun. It is going to be a fun two weeks.”

Paige Roden, running for Postgraduate Officer, was another candidate that Impact saw roaming around Portland. She told Impact: “This morning I was a little bit nervous but mainly excited so I am feeling really positive.”

“I am used to having little sleep.”

As people walked past her, wishing her all the best for her campaign, she told us that she will be having a few busy days coming up: “I have my Question Time tomorrow which I am looking forward to because then I can explain my manifesto a bit more.”

When asked how she felt about getting up early to campaign, she simply said: “I am used to having little sleep.”

Sarah Lindgärde

Images: Emily Woodcock

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