Impact On The Campaign Trail: Day 2

The second day of campaigning for the Students’ Union elections has approached. Candidates and their enthusiastic supporters are continuing their campaigning around the University’s campuses.

There did not seem to be an early start today but some candidates could still be spotted in their respective t-shirts around campus.

Inside Hallward Library, members of Joshua Chan’s team could be found handing flyers to people in the café. Impact spotted Joshua, who is running to be SU President.

“The campaigning is going good so far”

When asked how the campaign was going so far, Joshua seemed to be very positive. “The campaigning is going good so far. Yesterday we prepared for a lot of things and today we have a lot of flyers”.

When asked about his plans for the day, he said that he would be focusing on Jubilee Campus and would then make his way to Sutton Bonington and the Medical School.

Cameron Prentice, who is also running for SU President, was the next person Impact spotted walking out of Hallward Library in his vibrant orange campaigning shirt.

Despite looking eager and enthusiastic, he revealed to us that he was in PomPom last night “trying to interact with first year students”.

“[Cameron Prentice] was in PomPom last night ‘trying to interact with first year students’”

The next few days for Cameron seem to be busy. He told us that on Saturday he will be back on campus “to see any sport that is going on and to finish off the campaigning video that will hopefully be up soon”.

Today seemed to be a busy day for candidates running for President, since right after talking to Cameron, Impact got to chat to the lively Alan Holey, who so far seemed to be positive about his campaign.

He told Impact: “I think that the campaign is going really good. The people that I see on campus are loving the design, they are loving my vibe, and I am getting really good feedback. I am just enjoying my time really”.

When asked about upcoming plans, he said: “The plan for the next few days is campaigning, really. Barely any sleep but you go to do what you got to do to run for SU President.”

“The people that I see on campus are loving the design, they are loving my vibe”

One thing that all of the three candidates seem to have in common is their plan to hit Ocean tonight. Both Joshua and Cameron mentioned that they will be bringing their team with them. You will also be able to find Alan there: “You will see me on the dance floor all red and white,” he told us.

Sarah Lindgärde

Don’t forget to look out for us tonight in Ocean – we’ll be out gathering your opinions on the SU Elections!

Images: Sophie Ridler

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